I wanted to purchase a 2002 Firebird because this may be last year Iíll ever be able to buy a new one. Unfortunately, after 2002, the Firebird and Camaro will no longer be built by GM. They just are not selling enough to justify continuing production. Hopefully in a few years they will be back. Until that happens, I will own the last model year that the Firebird was produced.

For my 2002, I decided that I wanted a Formula. The Formula has the exact suspension and drivetrain as the Trans Am. The only difference is external. The Formula doesnít have all the ground effects or big spoiler that is on the Trans Am. The Formula is considered to be a tad faster due to it weighing less than the Trans Am.

The biggest difference between the Formula and the previous Trans Amís Iíve owned is that my Formula has an automatic transmission. I felt like my goals for the car required it to be an automatic. My plans are for the Formula to be a fast drag strip car in the next couple of years. After being around F-bodies for several years, the quickest cars at the drag strip all shared the fact that they were automatics. An automatic with a high stall torque converter is hard to beat off the line. I have seen numerous auto cars run incredible times because they can leave the line so hard and quick. An equally modified 6-speed will usually run a higher MPH than an auto car at the drag strip, but the auto is usually quicker. In the end, the winner isn't the one with the higher MPH, it's the one that gets to the end first. The auto is also great for sitting in Dallas traffic.

Once again, I purchased my Firebird from Saadallah El-Jundi at Sewell Pontiac in Dallas. I ordered the car on July 9, 2001. It was scheduled to be built the week of August 13, 2001. It arrived at Sewell on August 28, 2001. I traded the 2000 Trans Am in on the Formula. I picked the car up in the condition it was delivered to Sewell. All the plastic was still on the car. I didnít want anyone to touch or wash my car.

The first view of my Formula

My window sticker

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