Stock Fog Lights: The purpose of replacing the stock fog light bulbs is to increase light at night. The stock bulbs are 27 watts. I'll be replacing them with 37.5 watt bulbs. More light equals better visability. This picture is of the stock fog lights with the day time running lamps on. I couldn't get the DRL's to go off.

KMAX SuperWhite Xe Bulbs: The lens of the Super White Xe is optically dyed to transform the light into an intensive white beam which simulates the appearance of HID lighting systems. The 4200K color temperature simulates the HID look. The part number is KMAX Superwhite Xe 893 37.5 watt. I bought them from Leo on LS1.com for $19.95 a pair. You can reach Leo at gameport@earthlink.net.

Bulb Access: This is how you get to the fog light bulbs on a Firebird and Formula. I jacked up each side of my car to lift the front wheel off the groud. My Formula is lowered, so it's a tight fit under the car. The panel is under each side of the nose in front of the wheels. The Trans Am will be in a different location due to the center mounted fog lights on the TA's. I imagine it will be more difficult as well. There are only two screws attaching this panel to the car. The bolts are 10mm. Remove the bolts and just bend down the access panel.

Bulb Removal: All you have to do to remove the bulb is to twist it a half turn. It will then release from the housing. Be careful of a hot bulb if the lights have just been on. Gently pull the bulb from the back of the light housing to avoid breaking the bulb. It didn't seem very fragile, but you never know. Once the bulb is removed from the housing, pull the bulb and wire harness down so you can remove the bulb from the harness. The bulb is only held on by a clip. Just pry it up and pull the bulb off.

Xenon Bulb install: Leo included a set of instructions that warned not to touch the bulb with your fingers when installing them so I wore latex gloves. Apparently the oil from your fingers can damage the bulb after they heat up. If you have latex gloves, wear them. If you don't, it's no big deal because you can install the bulb on the harness with out touching it. The hardest part of the install was twisting the new bulb in the light housing to seat it. I felt like I was twisting too hard, but it finally seated. You can look at the front of the light to see which direction you need to twist. The good news is that it makes a very tight seal.

Finished: This is a very easy install. I could have done it in 20 minutes if I hadn't taken pictures during the install. The end result speaks for itself. I have more light with out the blue ricer look. They are a dramatic white light. Well worth the $20. With the headlights and fog lights on, the look is awesome.

Bulb Comparison: Take a look for yourself. The Xenon bulbs are on the left and the stock are on the right. I assume you were able to tell with out me pointing out which is which. The light difference is very obvious. It's hard to take a picture in the dark, but you can tell the difference in color and brightness.

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